Risource panels yield up to 14% more energy

Why Risource Energy?

Risource Energy holds the exclusive rights in Hawaii to 100% Japanese made, next-generation CIS photovoltaic (PV) panels made by Solar Frontier.

As a 100% locally owned company that understands Hawaii’s unique climate and homeowner needs, Risource Energy’s customer service goes above and beyond industry standards.

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Next Generation Solar Panels

Risource Energy’s CIS PV panels by Solar Frontier deliver up to 14% more electricity than competing panels in Hawaii’s climate. Patented technology, design, materials and Japanese manufacturing quality control enables these CIS panels to absorb more sunlight in all conditions, including cloudy days.

A crucial advantage of the panels is their unique “light soaking effect.” In addition, vertical arrays of solar cells rather than a square patchwork, a dark absorptive surface and other exclusive features contribute to this enhanced generating capacity.

Stronger and Greener

CIS panels’ multiple moisture barriers and resistance to salt and ammonia translate into greater durability and reliability in Hawaii’s tropical climate. Risource Energy’s panels are also environmentally sounder, recyclable and free of the lead and other toxic heavy metals found in many conventional PV panels.

Made in Japan

Each 100% Japanese-made panel is precision manufactured with rigorous quality control standards in the Japanese tradition. Japan’s Solar Frontier company, the world’s largest manufacturer of these panels, has been developing this CIS technology for decades.

Yield Up To 14% More Electricity

Risource Energy panels absorb more sunlight, partly due to their unique “light soaking effect” technology, providing up to 14% more electricity than non-CIS panels.

Cost & Financing

Photovoltaic panels (PV) are a big but worthwhile investment. Hawaii residents pay more by far than residents of any other state in the U.S. for their electricity at 37 cents per kW (kilowatt) hour. We offer various options that best suite your needs.

Guarantee & Free Maintenance/Cleaning/Inspection

Risource Energy offers a very generous and unique annual maintenance, cleaning and inspection program to its Hawaii customers. Every year, the company sends out its own technicians—not a third party vendor—to professionally inspect, maintain and clean customers’ solar systems.

This essential service is offered FREE for 10 years.

Let us be your solar guide

Risource Energy Director John Yeh encourages prospective customers to learn how PV (photovoltaic) systems work, because (1) it can help their solar decision-making process and (2) it’s actually interesting.

“The solar PV question for homeowners can be complex, and part of adding value to our customers is clarifying the technology, the benefits and the process,” explained Yeh. “When you understand more about PV, you know what’s at stake, and what questions to ask of prospective solar contractors.”

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